1.  What age classification will my daughter play?
6U:  Any child who was 4, 5, or 6 on 12/31/2014 is eligible for 6U.
8U: Any child who was 7 or 8 on 12/31/2014 is eligible for 8U.
10U:  Any child who was 9 or 10 on 12/31/2014 is eligible for 10U.
12U:  Any child who was 11 or 12 on 12/31/2014 is eligible for 12U.
15U:  Any child who was 13, 14 or 15 on 12/31/2014 is eligible for 15U.

2.  After sign-ups, when will I be contacted by my daughter’s coach?
Evaluations are Sat, Feb 27th.  Draft date will be Feb 28th.  The first day of practice is Tuesday, March 1st.   Your daughter’s coach will contact you before the first practice.

3.  My daughter is on a travel team. Will rec league interfere with Saturday travel ball?
Not at all.  League games will be during the week (Mon, Tues, Thurs with rainouts on Friday).  Saturday games may be scheduled for the League State Tournament and possibly for opening day.

4.  What equipment does my child need to play softball?
A glove, a bat, a helmet, and a face mask (recommended for all infielders).

5.  How many days a week will my daughter’s team play/practice?
– Rec teams will have 3 “mandatory” practices per week before games start.  Once games start, “mandatory” days per week means 3 games/0 practices, 2 games/1 practice, 1 game/2 practices, or 0 games/3 practices per week.  Additional days are considered voluntary.  Coaches will be encouraged to make Mon, Tues, and Thurs the mandatory days.

6- My daughter wants to play in the Hartselle league but we live out of the city limits?
– We have girls that live outside of Hartselle city limits play every year. We Welcome all girls to be apart of our league.

7- I know league fee is 90.00. Will there be any more expenses during the season?
– Parents should expect additional cost to play any team sport. The team coaches will determine uniform cost and other small various expenses throughout the season. Most teams have sponsors to offset some cost.

8.  Why should my daughter play rec ball?
– It is the most fun and coolest thing your daughter can do.  Hartselle Youth Softball is where it’s at.